Apaj and Apajpuszta, is part of the Kiskunság National Park, under the name of Upper Kiskunság Puszta which is the country’s second biggest white alkali puszta.
The area’s most precious natural treasure is the big puszta bird, the bustard.
The plants of the Puszta tolerate salt. In the maintenance of the aboriginal sward the extensive breeding of the primordial Hungarian animal species has the leading part. Here live the grey cattle, the racka and cigája sheep which can be visited in Nagyállás. A noteworthy event in Apajpuszta is the Kiskunság Herdsmen’s and Horse-riders’days. It is held at the last weekend of July when the old herdmen’s and horseriders’ traditions are reproduced within a spectacular show. Near the performance there is a stable with roof.

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