The Catholic church which was consecrated for the tribute to the Blessed Virgin, is in the centre of the village. A significant part of the medieval church was kept untouched during the renovation in 1813. In the Second World War some medieval parts, the steeple, the southern and western walls got damaged but these parts were reconstructed.
On its facade numerous gothic parts can be observed. The new altarpiece made by Masa Feszty displays the birth of Maria. The subtitled gravestone of Mihály Csehi from 1519 is also placed in the temple.
Saint Anna chapel is situated on the edge of the village. The originally gothic style building was altered to late baroque at the end of the 18th century.
At the airfield – which was a Soviet property –  barrack’s entrance Pál Maléter’s wooden headboard memorial can be found. He was arrested here in 1956.

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