Sights – Dunavasány



The environment in Dunavarsány is very rich. About a few hundred metres from the Domariba-island’s marsh are windswept dunes. The Domariba-island is a conventional fishing place, with nice bungalows and docks. Connected to the northern end of the island is a 10-hectare floating marsh, which is the habitat of protected plants and rare birds such as heron.
The gravel mining lakes to the east of the Danube – with Délegyháza lakes – are a complete lake-system. The altering water quality of these lakes attracts the swimmers as well as other aquatic sports fans.
To the east of the main road No. 51 you can take delight (from May to June) in the wonders of dune vegetation and in the wavering maidenhair-like field in Varsány-halom reservation.

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