The Danube backwater and Kálvária-hummock are protected environmental area because of their plant rarities.
The neo-gothic Roman Catholic church stands in the main street. It was built in 1903.
At 152 Fő street there is the so-called Földváry-mansion, a one-story classicist building in which the current mayor’s office can be found.
The Laffert-mansion (168 Fő str.) was built in 1716. In its vaulted hall, baroque wall paintings can be seen and the atelier of Ottó Artner, a well-known sculptor, can be found.
The people of Dunaharaszti have a fascinating habit on the 16th of May: candle-floating on the Danube. The tradition is a reminder of those German ancestors who settled here because they came on boats and rafts.

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